As a dealer and collector, we are of course always looking for objects that we can buy.
If you have something to sell, we would be happy if you will contact us.
You can reach us at any time via email, phone, whatsapp or traditionally by post.
It would be helpful if you could send us some pictures and / or, if possible, a description of the item and your contact details.
You donĀ“ t have to send star photos either, a simple snapshot (1-3 pictures) is often enough for us,
to see if an object might be on interest or not.
Whether it is a small individual item or, for example, a larger estate, we are always interested.
Damaged, incomplete or somewhat carelessly treated or forgotten furniture, lights and objects of all kinds are also of interest, be it as a restoration object or for historic spare parts. For example, a bent, overpainted, incomplete and electrically defective luminaire can be of interest to us for such spare parts. We can use contemporary screw connections, joints, shades, struts, etc., or we will take it as a challenge for a professional restoration.
Of course, this can also be applied to furniture and other pieces. We are not afraid of defects and look forward to every message of items you will us offer.

Objects, designers or manufacturers that we are always interested in would be among many others :