Arflex 9000 Modular Sofa Chair

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Arflex 9000 modular sofa/chair system

Wonderful grass green modular system from Arflex Italy.
Model 9000, designed by Tito Agnoli in 1969.
Like some furniture designs of that time, the model 9000 is characterized by its usable modular design.
Individual armchair elements of different designs can be put together to form an individual sofa,
or used individually as a solitaire chair.
This offer includes 3 quarter-circle-shaped elements, which you can put together as you wish.
Whether as a 3/4 circle with an integrated side table or a floor lamp as the fourth quarter in a larger room/loft...or as a 3/4 circle grouped around a corner/bay window protruding into the room....or as a 2-seater sofa in a semicircle on the wall... or simply as a single chair in a corner, etc... there are a number of possibilities.
The armchairs are each equipped with 4 round wooden bases on the underside.

Design: Tito Agnoli
Year of design: 1969
Manufacturer: Artflex (Italy)
Model: 9000, curved element number 84
Number: 3
Material: wood/foam
Upholstery fabric: Grass green Hallingdal
Condition: Good original condition. No cracks, no burn holes or other defects.
The armchairs have decorative seams in the form of rays, which give the surface some contours. In one of the armchairs, the contour is no longer as present as in the other two armchairs. But it is not a defect, the seams are intact.
The chairs have all been professionally cleaned.
Height: 64cm
Seat height: 36cm
Width/Depth: 80 cm