Art Deco - Complete Silver Service Set

- sold -

Offered for sale is this wonderful Art Deco silver service in the form of a complete five piece silver core.
The set consists of an oval tray, a coffee pot, a teapot, a sugar bowl and a milk/cream jug.

It was handmade and manufactured in the modern style by the Swiss silversmith Wiskemann - Knecht in Zurich in the 1920s/30s. You can see a beautiful, light martelling of the embossed silver sheet.
Wiskemann - Knecht were open to the formal language of the Swiss Werkbund.
Similar to the ideas of the Bauhaus and other modern, pioneering design styles, unnecessary flourishes and decorations were dispensed with - in favor of a good shape.
The elegance and aesthetics are timeless, and therefore suit both antique and modern interiors.

This silver core was made of 835 silver.
The total weight is 2872 grams, or about 2700 grams of pure 835 silver without the wooden handles/knobs.
All parts - tray, jugs, sugar pot, milk jug and the respective lids are all stamped with 835.
In addition, each object still bears the advertised Wiskemann-Knecht hallmark.

The condition of the ensemble is wonderful, considering the age of about 100 years. Due to their age,
the blackened wooden parts naturally show signs of age, but they are allowed to do so.

  • The tray shows superficial light scratches due to the use/placement of the jugs/cans/jugs.
    Absolutely justifiable. Length 48.5cm x 37.5cm x 2.4cm. Weight 1100g.

  • The coffee pot with ebonized wooden handle and knob is 22.5 cm high and 22.5 cm wide including the handle
    and a depth of about 11 cm. The lid closes perfectly. Weight 707 g, or approx. 630 g without handle.

  • The teapot also has an ebonized wooden handle with a knob on the lid.
    The height is 16 cm, the width is 25 cm and the depth is about 13 cm. The weight is 632 g, or 569 g without the handle.

  • The sugar bowl has a width of 16 cm, a height of 11 cm and a depth of approx. 11 cm.
    The weight is 272 g.

  • The cream/milk jug has a width of 13 cm, a height of 10 cm and a depth of 8 cm.
    The weight is 167 g.

A silver core, which is not often found in this form in terms of completeness and design. He was always in a family throughout his life.