Huge XXL Moser Karlsbad Vase

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Moser Karlsbad Floor Vase - Art Nouveau

Beautiful glass vase from the Bohemian manufactory Moser - Karlsbad.
A vase that impresses in many ways.
Classic geometric multi-cut Moser/Josef Hoffmann design language in the grandiose color amethyst.
A violet shade which, depending on the incidence of light, appears mysterious and extremely elegant.

This vase is not one of the many normal table vases from the glass manufacturer Moser / Design Hoffmann.
These vases, which are also naturally beautiful, usually have a size between 13-25 cm and a weight of up to approx. 2 kg.

Rather, it is an XXL version of this model series made of geometrically cut glass.
With a height of 43 cm (!) and a weight of 5.1 kg (!), this vase was designed as a floor vase - and is nowadays a rarity.
The sheer size alone when you look at and see them live captivates and impresses immensely.
Despite an intensive search on various platforms,..., the large internationally established auction houses and their freely accessible archives, reference works, search engines, etc., we could not find any other such large and heavy vase in this typical geometrically cut design. When we asked Moser Karlsbad, however, we were able to find the model number of this type in the version with a surrounding frieze in the archive. It was model number 4025, the present vase is a version of this type without a frieze.

Condition: The vase is generally in good condition, although not free of defects.
The size and weight take their toll here compared to a small table vase.
Due to the enormous weight (without water/flowers), this vase was almost always placed at an angle on a rough floor. So there were smaller flea bites/chips in the base, as well as a slightly larger chip. However, this is purely optical in nature, technically it is without reason, since the glass is very strong and thick at this point.
This larger chip (approx. 1 cm or 0.5 cm high, together approx. 2 cm wide and estimated 2 mm deep) was filled with an acetone-soluble adhesive by the previous owner. Not perfect, but in a way that you can live with as a collector.
The rarity of this vase would also justify a perfect restoration by a glass restorer if you want it to be perfect. The point is easily accessible, flat and therefore does not pose a great challenge to the specialist.

But you can also leave it as is and turn the vase to suit and simply enjoy.
The age, the execution and the rarity outweigh the small traces of time.

  • Manufactory: Moser Karlsbad
  • Draft: attributed. Hoffman
  • Year of origin: ~1920s
  • Model: Version of the 4025
  • Height: 43cm
  • Diameter: 21cm
  • Weight: 5.1kg
  • Condition: good
  • Colour: Amethyst