Ott International # Kalmar Tulipan Ceiling lamp

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Rare Mid Century Ott International Glass Lamp

Beautiful ceiling light as a glass chandelier from Ott International.
This model is often mixed together with the Kalmar Tulipan lamp, because of the familiar design, quality and shape.
Even some parts between Ott and Kalmar can be mixed.
This model has 2 glass forms, which when hung in a row optically intertwine and complement each other similar to a positive/negative form.
On the one hand, these would be round glass balls, as well as round glass spindles.
What they all have in common is that they are hollow and mouth-blown with many air bubbles. Every glass object is individual.
3 glass bodies are connected in a row by means of a colorless plexiglass rod inside and a hanger and end ,made of chrome-plated brass. Colorless/milky silicone discs are mounted between the glasses to protect the glass and to compensate for minor differences caused by the production process.
These rows, 10 in total with 30 glass balls/spindles are mounted on the actual spider-shaped chrome-plated lamp,
or simply hung.
Only a lamp socket of size E27 is installed. The light shines through the glass shapes and is additionally broken by the air bubbles, creating a unique, lively look.
Especially in combination with a dimmable light bulb you can create beautiful lighting moods.
The spider body, the linkage and the canopy are chrome-plated.
The total length is 110 cm, whereby the pendulum rod can be easily shortened or, if necessary, exchanged for a longer one.
The condition of the chandeliers is wonderful.
It has been completely disassembled, cleaned and restored.
Due to the age, often decades old, the silicone rings between the glasses harden and yellow.
This was also the case with this lamp.
However, since this greatly disturbs the beautiful look, and they are new no longer regularly available, we had these rings reproduced by a specialist company specifically for this lamp in the sense of the restoration in the original dimensions and color (internal and external diameter and thickness) installed.
On the one hand, the lamp appears more harmonious, cleaner, but above all more elegant.
The constructive protection as a damper and height adjustment between the glasses is also given again.

  • Manufacturer: Ott International lights
  • Model: # "Tulip"
  • Total height: 110 cm
  • Diameter: 26cm
  • Socket: E27
  • Material: chrome-plated brass, hand-blown glass
  • Number of glasses: 30, divided into 10 rows of 3 glass objects
  • Condition: very good