Mauthe Art Deco Clock

- sold -

Very beautiful and elegant table/mantel clock by Mauthe.
German Art Deco 1930s.
In addition to the materials used, such as chrome-plated brass, polished walnut veneer and glass,
the watch impresses above all with its clear, geometric and "light" design.
The movement is a purely mechanical movement made of brass and is wound from the back. It then runs for several days.
The watch has been completely disassembled. The wood and metal parts have been cleaned, polished and waxed.
The movement was dismantled, the bearing seats and gears rinsed, the bushings and axles re-oiled and reassembled.
It has a wonderful, easy gait.
During the cleaning and restoration, great importance was attached to preserving the natural patina of the materials.
All components, glass, movement, hands, etc. are original to this watch.

  • Width: 47.5cm
  • Height: 25cm
  • Depth: wooden base 8 cm, incl. chrome base 9 cm
  • Ø 22 cm