Peter Behrens Lamp Luzette - Siemens

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Deutscher Werkbund - Luzette - Art Nouveau glass lamp

  • Model: Luzette

  • Design: Peter Behrens

  • Manufactory: Siemens
    The Luzette is one of the German lighting classics, which has lost none of its elegance and charisma even more than 100 years after its creation and design. Gracefully made of satined clear glass and/or opal glass, based on a design by the well-known architect and product designer Peter Behrens. Behrens is considered a pioneer of industrial and corporate design, was a co-founder of the German Werkbund and headed his architectural office, where Bauhaus founders Walter Gropuis, Ludwig Mies van der Rohe and Le Corbusier learned from and worked for him.
    The Luzette was available in different sizes, with a chain, with a rod, as well as with interchangeable glass parts.
    Both the upper part and the lower part, which are connected with a metal ring, were available with a satin finish or made of white opal glass. The Luzette offered here is a dream of originality.
    It has been completely disassembled, cleaned and the metal parts only waxed to preserve and conserve the beautiful patina. All attachments are also original - no built-in repro glass shades, false chains, domes etc.

  • Top glass satined with Siemens Schuckert signet and model number L 1521

  • Lower glass in opal glass with Siemens Schuckert signet and model number L 1522

  • Original E27 socket from Siemens Schuckert with matching signet

  • Original copper-plated iron equator ring with 3 screw straps and 6 original screws

  • Original socket dome made of copper-plated sheet iron and 3 original screws

  • Original chain outfit with 6 double-sided chain links made of copper-plated sheet iron

  • Original ceiling canopy made of copper-plated sheet iron including the often missing mounting bracket + original screws

  • no breaks or flaws on the glasses

  • External Ø 23.5 cm

  • Total height ~ 85 cm