W.v.Wersin chandelier - German modernism

Wolfgang von Wersin candlestick / chandelier -1936

Timeless, formally strict candlesticks of German modernism / new German objectivity.
A wonderful design by Wolfgang von Wersin for the pewter manufacturer Eugen Wiedamann / Regensburg.
Absolutely clear, enchantingly timeless design language - simple & good.

Comparable to a perfect tree architecture with a solid root system, a central tree trunk and a radially even tree crown, the candlestick adopts this perfect architecture in strictly geometric basic forms.
The choice of material is also absolutely consistent and on point.
Of course, the chandelier would also have made a wonderful object in silver, but the pewter version in particular
a "down-to-earth" material, goes perfectly with the simple-looking design.
It is the MT137 c model from 1936.
Listed in the catalog raisonné of Wolfgang von Wersin.
Version c was the most extensive version with 6 arms,...b had 4 arms,...a only 2 arms.
According to the works archive, this ball as the end of the shaft was made of pewter, as with this version,
as well as in Plexiglas (see factory photo).
The 6 original drip trays are also made of plexiglass, which you can use or not depending on your preference.

Ø chandelier crown 33 cm including drip trays (Ø 6 cm)
Ø base/foot 16.5 cm
Ø candle hole 1.4 cm

The chandelier is in superb condition. It has been extensively polished, preserved and perfectly and lovingly restored while retaining the original substance.
Signed on the underside with the pewter manufacturer's mark E.W.Regensburg (Eugen Wiedamann Regensburg).
Even if the word "rare" is used in an inflationary way - it really is appropriate here.
A really rare object of German modernism, Bauhaus-oriented objectivity and precision craftsmanship.

Price €: 1650,-